Communicating Process Change Checklist

All set up to implement your new process at your community center, camp or agency?
Check out the tips and tricks included in this checklist to make sure you’re ready.

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Updating, changing or innovating processes at your community center, camp or agency is a very exciting time. Though change is good, it can create some waves in your established routines, affect other processes in your organization and maybe leave staff and participants just a little confused.

A well thought out change communication plan can make all the difference. Get access to the free downloadable change management communication checklist to help you make sure everyone is equipped and excited for the change!

This checklist will guide you through:

Keeping your staff motivated & set up to succeed

Communicating to them clearly about this change will: 

  • Reduce anxiety and resistance 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Create more frequent communication 
  • Retain engaged and informed employees

Getting clients and members excited for what’s in it for them

Communicating to them clearly about this change will: 

  • Create awareness of improvements
  • Prepare them for new the new processes
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Demonstrate that you listen and take action on their feedback

Informing the wider community on the change

Communicating to them clearly about this change will: 

  • Possibly attract new members to your organization
  • Regain old members back to you
  • Get feedback about the new initiative from the wider community
  • Maximize your efforts

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Take the first steps towards creating a flawless change communication plan with our checklist! 

Download the checklist now!