8 Tips to Effectively Manage Your Staff

Your guide to managing a happy team, with fresh insights that will help you run successful activities today and in the future.

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What's in the eBook?

There are so many ways that how and what we do as leaders can affect the productivity, efficiency, happiness and satisfaction of our staff – many of which can sometimes fly under the radar when things get busy, hectic or stressful.

In this eBook, we outline 8 strategies you can try to help you successfully manage and prioritize a happy and productive staff.

You'll find information on:

1. Hiring the right people

Build the culture you envision by leveraging our culture fit interview questions.

2. Prioritize Team Communication

Learn the do's and don'ts and establish communication processes by asking staff a few key questions.

3. Be an Advocate 

Show appreciation and confidence in your team's work by trying out the examples we suggest. 

4. Be Transparent & Share

Share the reasons behind decision and change with your staff and see the benefits in how they support you. 

5. Manage Conflict: Listen!

Approach conflict by keeping key strategies in mind and promoting them amongst your team.

6. Be Your Authentic Self

Create an environment where they feel they can be themselves by leading by example. 

7. Support Your Staff With Tools

Allow your staff to maximize their productivity by having everything they need while also enhancing your organization’s overall customer experience.

8. Help them Skill Up

By enhancing their skills, you are investing in them, which in turn shows them that you see their potential and want to grow their talent.

And much more! 

Learn from our examples, exercises and dos and don'ts. 

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