2024 Trends and Opportunities for Your Community Center

The upcoming year presents a big opportunity for community centers to level up their experience and expand by understanding more about, and adapting to, changing consumer priorities.  

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Knowing who your community is and what they think is key to engaging and increasing their participation. As you plan your programming for upcoming sessions, do you know enough about who you are trying to reach?  

Well, we think you could always know more!  

That’s why we surveyed consumers to find out their opinions, attitudes and plans for their own and their family’s participation in activities and programming at local community centers. Through our research we discovered:  

  • Consumers’ perceptions of community centers 
  • Their attendance patterns in the last year 
  • Their plans to spend more or less time doing activities 
  • Whether they plan to spend more or less money next year 
  • And what preferences they have when it comes to experience 

Through these insights, we were able to identify key opportunities and trends that you can apply to your planning now, to attract more of your community and increase participation for those who are already engaged. 

Section 1: Opinions and attitudes 

We created a section around individuals’ opinions and attitudes towards community activities and recreation programming in general. In this section, you’ll gain insights into the perceived value community centers by consumers, both for themselves and for the community at large. In addition, you will find out the frequency of their participation in recreational activities as well as their plans for time spent and money spent in the year to come.  

Section 2: Knowledge & Use

In section 2, we asked a series of questions to uncover more about consumers’ knowledge and use of their local community center facilities. The goal of these questions was to unearth opportunities in the awareness and usage patterns of the consumers surveyed. In this section you will learn about the awareness and use of community centers as well as what opportunities we see in the data through the gaps we found.   

Section 3: Consumer preferences 

Finally for our last section, we asked consumers rank the following criteria they consider from most important to least important when choosing a community center.  we identified what aspects of their experience at local community centers influenced their decision to participate in your programming. Through this section we identify factors in which you can reflect on and optimize in your sessions to come.  

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