Recruiting & Retaining Gen Z Employees

A Parks & Recreation Study

Is your agency looking for strategies to keep up with the newest generation of working professionals? Find out how your Parks and Recreation can attract qualified Gen Z candidates and drive lasting success to the services you offer to residents. 


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Flexible working schedules, modern software tools, and online resources for job hunting: Gen Z has entered the workforce and are already changing workplace expectations. This presents Parks & Recreation departments with fresh challenges in recruitment and retention. 

To help you out, we conducted a survey among +250 young professionals working in the Parks & Recreation industry. The results helped us discover innovative strategies for engaging Gen Z, how to leverage technology, and how to tailor job offers to their values and aspirations. 

Understanding Gen Z 

Explore what really drives Gen Z in the workforce and how your agency can align job offerings with their desires to attract the best-qualified talent.

Inspire your prospects

Craft job postings that resonate with Gen Z job seekers by offering value, inspiring engagement, and showcasing your agency's unique culture.

Leverage technology

Harness the power of software tools to recruit efficiently. Learn on best practices for leveraging online resources to reach Gen Z job seekers.

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Get key tips and data insights to engage this new generation of workers and create a bright future for Parks & Rec.