How Registration Software Can Help Your Camp Manage Demand while Increasing Revenue

Featuring advice from a camp registration expert, Jessica Abreu, Director of Administration at TAC Sports!  

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What's in the eBook?

In this eBook, we’ve gathered strategies (and pulled from real-life experience) that can be leveragedalongside a modern and reliable registration software – to increase revenue, manage demand, and overall improve your registration processes to help you meet your goals, better understand your business, and of course, reduce stress! 

We break it down into 3 steps:  

1. Registration Process Improvement

Did you know that when choosing a camp for their children, parents ranked “ease of registration” as the 3rd most important factor in that decision? So, there’s no doubt that it’s worth investing time and energy in improving the process and that doing so will help you take the right steps towards achieving your goals and growing your camp.

2. Manage Demand with Advanced Features

It’s challenging for you to balance all the responsibilities you have while tracking, checking-off and following up with the individual status of waitlists, drop-ins and what it means for the camp as a business. You can streamline the workflow and gather valuable insights into which of your programs, age groups or types of camp have the most demand.

3. Increasing Revenue 

At the end of the day, what makes your camp successful is being able to continue to offer a crucial service and a whole lot of value to parents and children in the community you serve. Part of that is continuing to grow when it comes to revenue so that you can hire qualified staff at competitive wages, provide new services, keep your equipment and facilities up to date and maintain the quality of what you do.

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