Seasonal Staff Management: 5 Ways to Streamline Operations

Reduce the complexity of managing seasonal staff with strategies that simplify operations.  

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What's in the eBook?

Hiring seasonal staff members can make some of your management responsibilities more complex. This eBook will help you take the steps towards making managing those staff members easier and all around making your busiest season more streamlined.

Discover 5 strategies you can try to help you manage season staff without all of the headaches.

You'll find information on:

1. Onboarding strategies

Help them jump into their role by making sure they are equally as equipped as returning staff while strengthening communication and collaboration.  

2. Employee timetables

Incorporate what you know about their experience and build it into your schedule, such as assigning them only morning shifts so they only learn opening tasks. 

3. Activities and facilities 

Streamline these responsibilities for seasonal staff with an online back-office system that gives them access to client profiles, payment information on-the-go!

4. Back office and administration

One way to make a big impact in this area is to digitize or automate important processes such as permission slips, billing reminders and policy acknowledgements.

5. Closing the digital gap

There are so many ways that technology can help run activity and recreational programming. Explore how tech can help particularly with staff management!

And much more! 

Learn from our examples, checklists, exercises and dos and don'ts. 

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