Staff Management for Activities and Rec Organizations: 5 Ways Software Can Help

Find out how software can help get tasks done efficiently so you can be there for your staff  

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What's in the eBook?

In this eBook, we’ll focus on how you can be a great manager while saving time on often work-intensive tasks, thanks to an all-in-one activity and recreation management software. The goal is that by streamlining these tasks, you can be even more effective in these administrative and operational areas.

But not only that! With the time you save, you will also be able to spend more time on other important staff management tasks such as coaching, leading by example and managing conflicts.

On top of that, we hope that by optimizing your management processes overall, that your organization sees success and you achieve your goals.  

We break it down into 5 main strategies:  

1. Building and maintaining a team  

Having the right people for your organization and the number of staff you need is a huge management challenge. Between seasonal staff and people switching jobs, moving or going on leave, hiring is a task that you are continuously tackling as a manager.

2. Finding shortcuts for staff schedules 

Knowing who has the right skills, experience and personality for each responsibility, program and task is your superpower as manager.  On the other hand, are there aspects that can be made easier by your all-in-one activity and rec management software? Heck yes!

3. Automate communication 

Communication is key! As a manager, you need tools at your disposal that offer quick and efficient ways to get in touch with staff, keep them updated on developments and inform them of the basics, like schedules, pay, and policy updates. Why not automate some of it? 

4. Give staff the right access 

Equipping staff with what they need is another crucial component of great leadership. These tools allow your staff to maximize their productivity. Making sure they are equipped by helping them have access to the right information and the best software for their role.

5. Manage staff learning paths  

Creating a structured onboarding and learning track is key to preparing staff for success and an important aspect of your role. When it comes to administrative staff, AKA those who need to handle the software, it benefits you and them to have access to a suite of learning tools.

Bonus! Invest the time into your staff

With the efficiency and convenience that an all-in-one software creates by automating tasks and just making other responsibilities easier for staff managers, this gives you the freedom to decide what you want to do with the extra time you create!

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