Your Guide to Camp Communication for 2023

Build trust and set clear expectations with communication before, during and after camp with this all-in-one guide, including actionable tips for your team.

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Your Guide to Camp Communication for 2022-2023

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What's in the Guide?

When and how you communicate has a big impact on your relationships. This rings especially true when it comes to your communication with the parents of your campers.

Keeping parents in the loop before, during and after camp is key to your camp's success and to make sure parents and kids are happy. Download this ebook to get a clear blueprint for the key elements of a successful camp communication strategy and keep everyone in the know and having fun!

You'll find information on:

1. Collecting Information

Children, guardians, skill-level, preferences, medical info... even photos!

2. Providing Information

Talk about policies, procedures, registration and payment details for your camp.

3. Parents Guide to Camp

How to create a parents guide to camp, including logistics, activities, events etc. 

4. Communication During Camp

How to manage social media, a blog, and email while staying focused on the camp itself!

5. Post-camp Email Newsletter

Paint the complete picture of your camp with a highlights and recaps email.

6. Parent Feedback/Surveys

When the best time to get feedback from parents is and what is the best way to ask.

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