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Parents' Expectations & How to Meet Them 

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Discover what experience parents want when it comes to registrations, payments and safety.  


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What's being discussed?


On March 23rd at 2pm, we’ll be uncovering what parents expect from their child’s camp when it comes to registrations, payment and safety and how you can meet them.  

Through research conducted in the fall of 2022 of parents who sent at least one child to camp within the last year, we explore actionable insights for your camp.

We answer several questions such as:  

1. How do parents prefer to register their children for camp?   

2. How much flexibility & do they expect when it comes to payment & account access? 

3. How digitized do they expect safety features to be for their child's camp?


We’ll break it down in four ways:  

  • Data-backed insights into parents’ expectations 
  • What it means for your camp 
  • Practical advice  
  • Achievable next steps 

 Join us as we dive into the research that could be a game-changer for you & your camp! 

Meet Your Expert


Alanna Crochetiere 

Content Marketing Manager, Amilia 

Alanna works to create awareness about how technology can help camp professionals offer more to the parents and children they serve while growing their organization. As a former community pool manager & swim, basketball and soccer athlete, Alanna is passionate about helping activity and recreation professionals discover Amilia’s SmartRec platform by sharing industry data, insights and news that will enable them to connect with information and insights to make their day-to-day easier and achieve their goals. 



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