Free Email Template: Price Increase Communications

Communicate this necessary measure for your business successfully by including the four crucial best practices that we included in this template.

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What to expect in the template?

How changes are communicated has a big impact on the way your clients will react. Make sure you are including the following best practices when communicating a price increase by using our free template!

These best practices start with: 

1. Advance notice

Make sure you are planning your communications well in advance and that you send several reminders before the change takes effect. 

2. An authentic explanation

Be honest about why this change needs to take place. In the end, it means that you can continue to offer them the services they use and appreciate. 

3. What's in it for them

There's always an opportunity to either highlight or add-in a positive spin to this type of news, whether it's new equipment or a chance to lock in old pricing. 

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