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Measuring Community Impact

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Gain valuable insights that will help you demonstrate the real difference your YMCA makes in the lives of community members. Whether you're a CEO, program director or manager, you'll learn how to collect meaningful data, analyze key metrics, and communicate your impact to stakeholders effectively.

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What's being discussed?

Amilia, in collaboration with ActiveXchange, hosts an insightful webinar tailored specifically to YMCA professionals on Measuring Community Impact. In this engaging 60-minute session, you'll gain practical strategies to assess and enhance the impact of your organization on the communities you serve. Here's a sneak peak at what you'll learn:

Understanding Community Impact

Discover the importance of tracking community impact and learn how to evaluate the ways your YMCA impacts the community.

Know Your Data

Explore the types of data available to you, assess your current data resources, and learn strategies for filling in any missing information to gain a comprehensive understanding.

Consumer Segmentation/Missing Data

Learn how to define consumer profiles and leverage demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral traits to measure impact effectively.

Interpreting Data to Measure Community Impact

Unlock the power of data analysis tools and methods, and learn a four-step methodology for making data-led decisions to drive positive change.

Case Studies

Gain inspiration from real-world success stories of organizations like yours that have effectively measured their impact and implemented meaningful changes.

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Meet Our Speakers

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LP Mike

Jeff Foster

Client Success Lead at ActiveXchange

Jeff Foster is the Client Success Lead at ActiveXchange, a global leader in sports and recreation data intelligence. With a deep-seated passion for sports, recreation, and data, Jeff leverages his extensive experience in data storytelling to meet the unique needs of sports and recreation organizations in North America. His expertise enables these organizations to harness their data effectively, turning it into a strategic asset.

Jeff earned his Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Saskatchewan, where he developed a keen understanding of how businesses utilize data to drive critical decisions and maintain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving landscape of data and technology.

When he’s not working, Jeff is an active volunteer and coach in the sports and recreation sectors. He also enjoys a variety of outdoor activities in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, including skiing, rock climbing, and camping.

Mike Ellis

Director of Demand Generation at Amilia 

With over a decade of experience leading marketing initiatives, Mike believes that effective marketing is built on a deep understanding of the customer and their journey, while diligently applying this knowledge across all touchpoints and messaging. It is this balance between empathy and analysis which drives his passion for what he does. 
Mike has been fortunate to enjoy an international career that gained him a wealth of experience growing companies through ambitious marketing campaigns. In his travels, he has seen the immense value of community activities and recreation bring to families in their daily lives and he is passionate about helping these organizations reach more participants and engage their communities.




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