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Economic Impact Reporting - Demonstrating Agency Relevance

Demonstrating the impact of your P&R programming can be challenging. Join the conversation and learn our best tips to organize and present data effectively to various stakeholders. Discover how to measure economic impact, explain it well, and show why it matters to your organization!  


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What's being discussed?

When securing resources for 2024, how can Parks and Recreation professionals effectively showcase their agency's relevance through economic impact data? Overcome common challenges and take a look at innovative methods for presenting data to stakeholders in our upcoming webinar. 

With "Economic Impact Reporting - Demonstrating Agency Relevance," experts Chris Nunes and Tom Venniro will help you decode the complexities of economic impact measurement and show you how to simplify its results. This session takes you into a comprehensive exploration of strategies to improve your data reporting!  

Discover how to: 

📊 Efficiently gather economic data; 
💬 Clearly communicate its implications; 
⭐ Illustrate its vital role in reaching your organization's objectives. 

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Meet the Speakers


Chris Nunes, Chief Operating Officer at The Woodlands Township

Chris oversees a $50+ million operational budget and is accountable for the management of 151 parks, 14 swimming pools and aquatic facilities, 220 miles of pathways, 200 miles of streetscape, a park/ride system, circulator trolley system, and covenant administration. While in The Woodlands, he has implemented cost recovery strategies, developed business/operational plans for major and minor facilities, and has increase programming 200% with no additional staff.

Chris speaks and provides trainings around the country (over 500+ sessions) on topics including: business plans, contracting, creative programming, marketing, external funding, communication, leadership and succession planning and co-authored “Managing Programs and Services” in” Management of Park and Recreation Agencies – 5thEdition”. He is a Certified Parks and Recreation Executive and currently, he serves on the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA).

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management and a master’s degree in Sports Management from Springfield College in Massachusetts and a Doctorate in Parks and Recreation Administration from the University of New Mexico. 

Thomas G. Venniro, Parks and Recreation Director at the Town of Hilton-Parma

For the past ten years, Tom has served as Director of Parks & Recreation for the Town of Parma, excelling in department branding, producing extraordinary team culture focused on providing extraordinary customer experiences, and developing future leaders. Tom is a highly rated national speaker who has presented at the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA) Annual Conference on numerous occasions, and is a regular state and local presenter, national award winner, published writer, and university adjunct lecturer.

Tom has repeatedly been honored by his peers with awards at every level. In 2013, Tom received the NRPA Robert W. Crawford Young Professional Award, and in 2022 he received the New York State Recreation and Park Society (NYSRPS) Outstanding Service Award.

At Hilton-Parma, Tom is responsible for leading all operations of the parks and recreation department, as well many organization-wide initiatives with his team that is dedicated to improving quality of life for residents of Parma and surrounding communities. In addition to his experiences listed earlier, Tom has been actively involved in a myriad of roles within his local Genesee Valley Recreation and Parks Society, NYSRPS, and NRPA throughout his career, including service as a past NYSRPS President, and former NRPA Network Chair.

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