Embracing Change: How to Prepare your Organization for a Software Switch

Revolutionize your Community Center and change your members' lives for the better by planning, monitoring, and improving your software change process. 


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Introducing our brand-new guide that will help you smoothly change your software and leave your community center feeling refreshed.

In this eBook, you'll find our best advice on efficiently managing the software onboarding process, making it as enjoyable for your team as it will be beneficial for your center.  

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It all starts by identifying pain points through insights gathered from your community - the end users. Uncover their objectives, fears, and frustrations to ensure a value-driven software change that addresses the unique needs of all stakeholders.  

Transition Plan

How can you anticipate challenges, understand the implications, and engage with your current software company? Find out the best ways to plan your transition for a smooth, controlled and anticipated change in your organization.

Setting Goals

What are the best tools to set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound? Determine yours with the SMART method. Learn how to efficiently set goals and how to measure the results with precise and performance indicators.


How will your goals help you gather feedback and implement KPIs aligned with your software change? Find out how to measure employee engagement, communication effectiveness, change adoption rates, and more. 

Team Working

Find out the best practices on how to assemble a dedicated team for your software change. Create a group representing various departments of your community center. Learn how to build a solid and dedicated unit that leverages everyone's strengths.


Develop a clear communication plan based on communication lines. Understand how to articulate the benefits of the software change around those main focuses. Tailor your messages to stakeholders' preferences.  

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Follow a complete checklist that covers foundations, transition planning, goal setting, team involvement, communication, and more.

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