Recruiting, Interviewing and Onboarding Checklist

This checklist breaks down the hiring process into 3 manageable steps that will help you make sure you’re attracting qualified applicants, hiring the right people and setting them up for success. 

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What will you find in the checklist?

Make sure you don't forget any steps by tracking your planning and progress thanks our recruiting, hiring and planning checklist! 

We walk you through: 

1. Sourcing & Recruiting Candidates

Take the steps that will ensure you are sourcing the best candidates possible considering your needs, the market, what will attract candidates and more. 

2. Interviewing to Fit Your Unique Team & Business

Learn how to set up an interview plan and schedule that optimizes the recruitment process and the candidate's experience. 

3. Onboarding for Success

Your new staff member isn't the only one who should be hoping to make a good first impression! A positive training and onboarding experience will help your candidate feel confident that they've made a good decision by joining your team. 

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