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Recruiting & Retaining Gen Z Employees

A Parks & Recreation Study

With Gen Z's entrance into the workforce, Parks and Rec departments are presented with fresh challenges in recruitment and retention. In response, we've partnered with Evolia to offer a webinar that provides strategic insights to help you engage this emerging generation. 

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What's being discussed?

It's no surprise, Gen Z is changing workplace expectations: they value flexible work schedules, modern software tools, and rely heavily on online resources for job hunting.  In this webinar, we’ll explore proven strategies tailored to the Parks & Rec industry for attracting and retaining Gen Z talent. You’ll learn how to adapt your recruitment process, workplace culture, professional development, and more to better connect with this new generation of workers.  

Discover actionable tips to future-proof your workforce, like: 

👉 Motivating and engaging Gen Z employees  

👉 Attracting Gen Z talent to open roles 

👉 Adapting your workplace culture to retain Gen Z staff 

👉 Learning from case studies of successful recruitment and retention  

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Meet the Speakers


Mike Ellis

Director of Demand Generation at Amilia 

With over a decade of experience leading marketing initiatives, Mike believes that effective marketing is built on a deep understanding of the customer and their journey, while diligently applying this knowledge across all touchpoints and messaging. It is this balance between empathy and analysis which drives his passion for what he does. 
Mike has been fortunate to enjoy an international career that gained him a wealth of experience growing companies through ambitious marketing campaigns. In his travels, he has seen the immense value of community activities and recreation bring to families in their daily lives and he is passionate about helping these organizations reach more participants and engage their communities.

Sebastien Notari

Head of Sales & Marketing at Evolia

Sebastian Notari is a seasoned executive with experience driving innovation in recruitment marketing and technology. Currently spearheading the revenue team at Evolia, a prominent platform revolutionizing scheduling, time, and shift work patterns, Sebastian brings a wealth of expertise in optimizing recruitment processes to attract and retain top talent.

His prior position at Indeed.com, the leading recruitment website in North America, provided him with invaluable insights into industry trends and best practices. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the Parks and Rec employment space, Sebastian is excited to share his perspectives and strategies for effectively recruiting and retaining Gen Z employees in the upcoming webinar.

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