The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Activities and Recreation

Set up, grow and analyze performance of your social media accounts in just 3 months with our easy-to-follow guide!

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What's in the eBook? 

Get your social media strategy on track in just a few months with our ultimate guide for activities and recreation organizations. We'll show you how to: promote your organization, engage your members and even recruit staff by leveraging the power of social media!

From hashtags and video ideas, to how to repost member generated content and a step by step guide to hosting a giveaway, the value of this guide isn't only for someone just starting out! Discover tons of new ideas for your accounts to make the most of your upcoming season. 

We break it down into 3 main phases: 

Part 1: 

Set yourself up to #win social by optimizing your brand & discoverability.

In part one of this three-part guide, you’ll learn the best ways to set up your brand on social so that you have the scales already tipping in your favor to help you connect and grow engagement with your
target market.

Part 2: 

Relate and create: Build an authentic content strategy that will interest your audience.

This second part of our social media guide for activities & recreation organizations is all about leveraging what you know about your target audience. That’s how you create content that brings value and attracts new people to your pages.

Part 3: 

How to establish KPIs and improve your social media strategy.

Don’t forget to take time to stop and review the performance of your content to find insights in the data. Through the KPIs we discuss, you’ll discover whether your content is resonating or whether you need to rethink your strategy.

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