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2024 Trends in Parks and Recreation feat. the RecLess Podcast

In December 2023, we surveyed dozens of Parks and Rec leaders to find out what was top of mind for them as they head into 2024. Watch our panel of experts share the results with you and discuss what the coming year holds for the world of P&R.

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What's being discussed?

Industry expert Chris Nunes and his guests from the RecLess Podcast dive into the most pressing challenges facing Parks and Recreation agencies in 2024. From staffing and retention issues to securing funding and managing budgets, this webinar provides valuable insights and practical solutions for P&R professionals. Discover the latest trends and best practices that will shape the future of Parks and Rec agencies, and get ahead of the game in this ever-evolving industry. Don't miss out on an opportunity to stay informed, inspired, and ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the world of Parks and Recreation.

Learn about:
🌈 Why people enjoy working in Parks and Recreation
 📊 What people rank as their top priorities in 2024
 💸 What people would focus on if budget was no object 

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Meet the Speakers

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Chris Nunes, Chief Operating Officer at The Woodlands Township

Chris oversees a $50+ million operational budget and is accountable for the management of 151 parks, 14 swimming pools and aquatic facilities, 220 miles of pathways, 200 miles of streetscape, a park/ride system, circulator trolley system, and covenant administration. While in The Woodlands, he has implemented cost recovery strategies, developed business/operational plans for major and minor facilities, and has increase programming 200% with no additional staff.

Chris speaks and provides trainings around the country (over 500+ sessions) on topics including: business plans, contracting, creative programming, marketing, external funding, communication, leadership and more.

Shane Mize, Jay Tryon, and Tom Venniro from The RecLess Podcast 

RecLess is a podcast making people smarter and more knowledgeable about parks and recreation. Your hosts are Shane Mize, Jay Tryon, and Tom Venniro; three career-long friends from around the country bringing their own unique and sometimes entertaining perspectives with a surprise guest each episode.

One of your hosts secures the surprise guest (or guests) each time, who is unknown by the other two hosts until the time of their announcement during the show.

The outcome is a genuinely improvised and authentic conversation filled with laughter and knowledge to feed the RecLess mind. 

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