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Modernizing Your Community Center: Empowering Members to Self-Serve

As a leader in your organization, one of your top priorities is to continuously improve your processes to increase member engagement. Join Matt Lenner as he discusses how modernizing your organization and empowering your members to self-serve memberships, registrations and payments is an important next step in achieving that goal. 

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What's being discussed?

The internet has changed the way people behave and spend their money. Fact is, the online shopping experience has become part of our everyday lives and people are looking to sign up for activities & programming prefer online methods. So, how can community centers keep up with these trends and deliver an excellent customer experience in 2023?

Join Matt Lenner, Director of Finances & Information at the Miles Nadal JCC in Toronto, as he guides us through an engaging discussion about leveraging digital platforms to provide members with self-serve access, avoiding any common downsides and how it could benefit your organization. He'll be sharing how they were able to upgrade user-experience, enhance their specialized customer service and refocus his staff by modernizing the way they offered programming and activities to their members 

In this session, we cover:  

  • Getting over the fear of allowing members and guests to do things themselves 
  • Improving customer experiences through automation 
  • Refocusing your staff from data entry to customer engagement 
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of user generated data 

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Meet the Speaker

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Matt Lenner

Matt Lenner is a trained computer engineer who has dedicated his career to the non-profit world. Starting out as the "IT guy", he turned his attention to Information over 14 years ago. Currently completing his CPA accounting designation, he added finance to his portfolio 7 years ago. By combining these specializations in his current role as Director of Finance and Information at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, his mission is to leverage technology and information to improve the financial health of his organization. 

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