Opportunities & Challenges for Camps in 2023

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We highlight key issues and opportunities for camps today, such as staffing, safety procedures, registrations and the "post-pandemic hangover".

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Get ready to for an informative session with Sara and Pallavi!  

What's being discussed?


Managing camps while dealing with both kids AND parents presents unique challenges. In recent years, this is especially true in the post-pandemic reality. 

Veteran industry leader Sara Haverkamp of SANCA Seattle & Amilia’s own Pallavi Borkar discuss the insights and strategies that she's developed through their experience in the camp world.   

In the session, we discuss key issues for camps in 2023, such as:  

  • Recruiting, training and retaining staff 
  • Safety measures for children, staff and your organization 
  • Adjusting to the “post-pandemic hangover”  
  • Expectations from parents around technology & services 

Meet the Speakers


Sara Haverkamp

Programs Administrator for the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts, Seattle, WA

Sara Haverkamp has worked at SANCA for 8 years in various capacities including in student services, office management, coaching, and camp management. Her current responsibilities include managing a schedule of over 100 weekly circus classes, serving adult students as well as students as young as two and everyone in between! 


Pallavi Borkar

Product Marketing Manager at Amilia, Montreal, QC

Pallavi Borkar has worked in the activities and recreation space in her role at Amilia for almost 4 years. During that time, she's specialized in content and product marketing. With an MBA in Marketing from McGill's Desautels Faculty of Management, she is passionate about customer-focused product development. Fun fact about Pallavi: She used to be a licensed paraglider! 

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