How Parks & Recreation Staff Can Refuel Before Summer

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Summer season is right around the corner - are you ready? Join Farrell Buller as she shares her essential tips for P&R staff to prepare for everyone's favorite (!) season. 

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With the busiest season of the P&R year fast approaching, you and your staff may be wondering how you can prepare for the onslaught of programs, events, and most importantly, fun! Join Farrell Buller for a one-hour, high-energy session that will leave you feeling ready to take on the summer season! She’ll be covering: 

  • The importance of rest and relaxation in the run-up to summer 
  • Self-care tips that fit with your job and lifestyle 
  • How to help your team manage stress and expectations 
  • Maintaining energy levels during the peak season 

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Meet your host


Farrell Buller

Local Government Expert

Farrell Buller is a consultant, facilitator and leadership coach boasting over 20 years of experience working in and with local governments. Her work in financial sustainability and change management helps agencies become and remain financially stable. Every day she feels grateful to be able to fulfill her passion: listening, learning and leading people. 

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