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Residents & Members vs. Consumers: Who Are They & Why Are They Important? 

Discover why viewing your residents and members as consumers will allow you to understand what motivates them and help increase engagement with your agency.

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What's being discussed?

Why should there be a difference in using the terms resident and members vs. consumers? By understanding consumers and their behaviors it will enable your agency to better serve its residents. This session will provide a comprehensive exploration of consumer behavior and the key drivers behind consumer decision-making. Overall, participants will gain valuable insights into the psychological, social, and cultural forces that impact consumer choices. 

Watch the recording to:

  • Learn about your residents through a new lens 
  • Discover consumer insights & motivations 
  • Stop guessing what will boost participation 
  • Plan for 2024 more strategically 

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Meet the Speaker


Chris Nunes, Chief Operating Officer at The Woodlands Township

Chris oversees a $50+ million operational budget and is accountable for the management of 151 parks, 14 swimming pools and aquatic facilities, 220 miles of pathways, 200 miles of streetscape, a park/ride system, circulator trolley system, and covenant administration. While in The Woodlands, he has implemented cost recovery strategies, developed business/operational plans for major and minor facilities, and has increase programming 200% with no additional staff.

Chris speaks and provides trainings around the country (over 500+ sessions) on topics including: business plans, contracting, creative programming, marketing, external funding, communication, leadership and succession planning and co-authored “Managing Programs and Services” in” Management of Park and Recreation Agencies – 5thEdition”. He is a Certified Parks and Recreation Executive and currently, he serves on the Commission for Accreditation of Park and Recreation Agencies (CAPRA).

Chris holds a bachelor’s degree in Recreation Management and a master’s degree in Sports Management from Springfield College in Massachusetts and a Doctorate in Parks and Recreation Administration from the University of New Mexico. 

Janelle Drach, Director of Campus Development at Penn State Wilkes-Barre

Over the past 15 years, Janelle has served in both the municipal and non profit recreation sectors. During her time in each realm, Janelle led strategic incremental changes and growth to expand the scope and reach of the programs and staff she managed. In her last position as Executive Director for the Greater Wyoming Valley Area YMCA, Janelle began to work in development and fundraising. She directly supported efforts to fundraise over half a million dollars in her 4 years at the YMCA. Now as the Director of Campus Development at Penn State Wilkes-Barre, Janelle continues to focus on community connections by matching donors' philanthropy with the needs of the students and faculty at the Wilkes-Barre campus. 

She continues her professional development in the field of parks and recreation by maintaining her CPRP from NRPA and also consults in her community. Janelle holds a masters degree in Sport Management from Springfield College and a bachelor's degree from Cortland in Recreation Management.




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