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The YMCA Member Lifecycle in 2024

Understanding the member lifecycle is a crucial component of building a thriving community center. In an ever-evolving landscape, it's essential to take every opportunity to engage along the member journey. Join us for a deep dive into leveraging well-established playbooks from the multi-billion dollar software subscription industry and adapting them into powerful strategies for nurturing and retaining members within your YMCA.

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What's being discussed?

At Amilia we're committed to facilitating professional development and knowledge sharing for YMCA professionals like you. Dive into the intricacies of the member lifecycle and get customized insights that will help you enhance your operations, improve engagement, and better connect with your members.

Here are some key points covered in the webinar:

  • Demand Generation: Uncover innovative techniques to attract and engage potential members, transforming interest into action.
  • Onboarding: Learn how to create seamless onboarding experiences that set the stage for long-term member satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Customer Success: Discover strategies to ensure sustained member satisfaction and retention through proactive guidance and support.
  • Upselling: Unlock the secrets of effectively turning members into donors.
  • Win-Back Campaigns: Delve into successful campaigns aimed at winning back former members and turning former relationships into renewed connections.

Gain insights into adapting proven SaaS strategies to your community center environment in 2024. Through this webinar you'll learn how to empower your team with innovative tools and tactics to drive member acquisition, satisfaction, and retention. You'll also uncover opportunities to boost revenue and create exceptional member experiences.

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Meet the Speakers


Graham Hussey

Director of Client Services

As a dedicated Director of Client Services, Graham Hussey leads the Professional Services and Customer Success Management teams, driving excellence and customer satisfaction. He is focused on implementing robust and scalable processes to enhance efficiency and deliver tangible results.

Fueled by a passion for customer success and business growth, Graham continuously seeks out innovative ways to elevate the client experience and drive value. Through strategic leadership and a relentless pursuit of excellence, he is dedicated to championing the success of both clients and the organization.



Mike Ellis

Director of Demand Generation at Amilia

With over a decade of experience leading marketing initiatives, Mike believes that effective marketing is built on a deep understanding of the customer and their journey, while diligently applying this knowledge across all touchpoints and messaging. It is this balance between empathy and analysis which drives his passion for what he does. 
Mike has been fortunate to enjoy an international career that gained him a wealth of experience growing companies through ambitious marketing campaigns. In his travels, he has seen the immense value of community activities and recreation bring to families in their daily lives and he is passionate about helping these organizations reach more participants and engage their communities

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